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The Casket Empty Bible series is designed to help you study and learn the Bible. That’s our mission. The word CASKET EMPTY is an acronym for the entire Bible, with each letter representing a key period in the redemptive story. In short, it is a memory device designed to help you understand the Bible - and remember it.

The title points to the life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah as the center of the biblical story. Once you have used Casket Empty, it will become your “must have” Bible resource. We often hear that people keep the timelines in the back of their Bible or posted on a wall as a quick reference tool.


The entire series is built around two visual Bible Timelines - one for the Old Testament and the other for the New Testament, along with two companion Study Guides that walk you through each period of the Old and New Testament. These resources have been used by individuals and churches throughout the US and abroad. The material has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and other translations including Farsi are underway.

If you are interested in doing a Casket Empty Bible series in your church, other teaching resources are available, including Power Points, Bookmarks, and promotional banners.