CASKET Old Testament Endorsements

Here is the work of someone who has a deep love for God’s people, a deep love for God’s Word, and a deep desire that God’s people understand God’s Word. This book will greatly help you to understand the big picture of the Old Testament and will do so with remarkable efficiency, simplicity, and theological depth. I highly commend it and the entire Casket Empty system.
— Dr. Jay Sklar, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Old Testament, Covenant Seminary
Carol Kaminski has done the Church a tremendous service in writing Casket Empty: God’s Plan of Redemption through History. In this well-written survey, she has provided her readers with an accessible exposition of the fascinating message of the Old Testament. Casket Empty will enrich the understanding of all who read it, and indeed, all Christians who want to grow in their love and knowledge of God should devour this book.
— Dr. Tremper Longman III, Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Westmont College
Like a finely woven basket, Carol Kaminski’s work weaves the Biblical narrative with the significant theological themes of Scripture tying the two testaments together and demonstrating the continuity of God’s work in Jesus Christ. Casket Empty has proven quite popular and deeply moving for my congregants who sit back and say, ‘Finally, I see how it all comes together.’
— Rev. Dr. Case Thorp, Senior Associate Pastor for Mission & Evangelism, First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL
For the lay person, a story with 66 separate books is challenging. Trying to understand the timing, key people, events and storyline makes it even more daunting, yet Drs. Carol Kaminski and David Palmer unwrap it clearly. They show that the Old Testament events not only make sense, but lead to the greatest of all events - the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, which assures our own resurrection someday. Casket Empty is easy to grasp, easy to enjoy and will benefit everyone!
— Norm Sonju, Retired, Co-Founder, President/GM, Dallas Mavericks Chairman, CAMP-of-the-WOODS, Speculator, NY
For all too long the narratives and teaching of the Old Testament have been sadly neglected, so Carol’s entry is a great move in the right direction. Already so many have derived help from her Study Guide. I heartily commend this book to you if you wish to update your understanding of the earlier testament.
— Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Dr Kaminski presented the CASKET material to a standing-room only crowd on a Saturday morning at our church. People still talk about it as one of the most helpful seminars they have ever attended. Her materials have helped to raise the biblical literacy of our entire congregation.
— Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor, Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA
Targeted at treasure hunters of all ages, this Old Testament Study Guide supplies a trail tested, God-glorifying, and Christ-exalting journey through the storyline of Jesus’ Bible. Kaminski focuses on the first half of the helpful CASKET EMPTY acronym for redemptive history. With regular reference to her Old Testament Timeline, she overviews the plot from Genesis to Malachi, detailing the major events and characters and identifying the context of death that Christ’s resurrection overcomes. This is a rich resource for students, churches, small groups, and personal study. And when joined with Palmer’s New Testament counterparts and accompanied by the PowerPoint materials available online, the teacher is equipped to effectively communicate God’s plan of redemption beginning with creation, stretching to consummation, and centered on Messiah Jesus. This is the kind of resource that will help Christians discover their place in God’s story.
— Dr. Jason S. DeRouchie, Elder, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, Bethlehem College & Seminary
In today’s academic environment of Old Testament studies we notice a trend toward over-specialization which can lead to a complete loss of the ‘big picture’ of the Old Testament narrative. Thankfully, there are scholars like Dr. Kaminski, who has provided us with a great educational tool in the form of CASKET. Brilliantly simple, yet powerfully comprehensive, I heartily recommend it to theology students and professional people alike. In fact, it is in my bag of ‘absolute must’ materials whenever I travel to teach in Central and Eastern Europe.
— Dr. Andrzej Turkanik, Executive Director, Quo Vadis Institute
In the Casket Empty Bible Series, Professor Carol Kaminski appropriately reminds us that the Lord God is a personal God whose loving interaction with his people ultimately eventuates in the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ. The acronym C-A-S-K-E-T not only serves as a brilliant teaching-learning method, but also carefully delineates the grace that is intricately woven throughout God’s redemptive history. Professor Kaminski uniquely invites readers to engage the Bible by entering and dwelling in the divine drama - where we inevitably find ourselves in light of God’s loving kindness. With great admiration I wholeheartedly recommend the Casket Empty Old Testament Timeline for anyone who longs to commune with God through the pages of the Old Testament.
— Dr. S. Steve Kang, Professor of Educational Ministries and Interdisciplinary Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

EMPTY New Testament Endorsements

David Palmer is probably more passionate about history than anyone I have ever met and he is even more passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what sets CASKET EMPTY apart from other introductions to biblical theology - it constantly reminds us in a clear and accessible way that God’s mighty acts to save us from sin and death took place in history. The chapter on “Expectations” alone is worth the price of the book, since the period between the testaments is so rarely understood or explained well in a relevant way for a general audience.
— Alex Kirk, International Trainer, Training Leaders International
Anyone interested in an overview of the New Testament that does justice both to its historical setting and to its message can do no better than to read Palmer’s survey thoughtfully. Comprehensive in scope, it is clearly written and strikes just the right level of depth. Highly recommended.
— Dr. Moisés Silva, Author, Editor, Retired New Testament Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
In every generation, God raises up individuals like Dr. David Palmer who explain the Bible’s history and message in a pertinent manner to that age. As someone who has been serving in the Arab world for over 35 years, I appreciate the impact that the Arabic version of CASKET EMPTY will have on a new generation of believers. David’s insights are particularly stirring for today’s young Christians who must learn how to answer the difficult questions regarding the historical validity of the Word of God and its crucial message of salvation to all people.
— Monir H. Michael, Founder and President, Call of Love Ministries
A sense of the flow of salvation history is essential for a well-grounded and fruitful ministry, regardless of whether one is a pastor, missionary, or lay person. In the ups and downs of daily life, amidst disappointments and successes, temptations and victories, understanding how God carries out his plan in creation and redemption breeds perseverance and hope, caution and optimism, guardedness and intrepidness, in equal measure. The CASKET EMPTY project offers just such a big picture perspective. It is nothing less than a comprehensive Biblical theology that is accessible without sacrificing depth, didactically astute without becoming trite, and motivational without resorting to grand standing. Want to help your congregation, small group, or Sunday School class overcome their fear of ‘theology’? Use this.
— Dr. Joel White, Lecturer in New Testament, Giessen School of Theology, Giessen, Germany
In a day when being theologically astute is essential to being evangelistically relevant on campus, Casket Empty: God’s Plan of Redemption Through History has been an invaluable tool in helping Intervarsity staff know the critical information of the New Testament and understand its key theological threads. David Palmer puts together the redemptive story of the New Testament in such a way that it is both memorable and transformative. Our staff left the book and his course with a new depth of understanding of how God has worked in history to bring life and hope to humanity that has empowered their ability to preach the gospel on campus. I’m very grateful for all he has done to help us know and understand God’s story of redemption as told through the New Testament.
— Chris Nichols, Former Regional Director, Intervarsity New England
I love the emphasis on Scripture! Dr. David Palmer’s love of the Bible shows through in this study guide. In prayerfully searching for creative ways to help my own congregation understand the broader theme of the Bible, this timeline and study guide are particularly helpful. The material helps one understand the background to the New Testament while staying true to the biblical text.
— Steven Rhodes, Senior Pastor, Bethel Friends Church, Youngstown, OH
Dr. Palmer’s Casket Empty New Testament Study Guide is a masterfully written classic that cannot be measured by time and will definitely not go out of style, as it will remain as relevant tomorrow as it is today. The text unpacks a seamless interface of historical activities arranged in the order of time and sound theological insights, intent on reiterating the words of the Baptist in 1:29 of John, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World.” This is a good read and should be a companion of scholars, churches, Christian colleges, and universities around the world, as well as for non-Christians seeking to know about Jesus Christ.
— Joseph Itodo, Evangelist and Advocate for the Persecuted Church, Nigeria
David Palmer, a man who loves the Bible, has given us a highly accessible and well-organized overview of God’s redemptive story in the New Testament, which helps the reader to grasp and fit together the historical events and unifying message of the Bible. I recommend this to anyone who wants to better understand Scripture, whether that be a Christian in the US, a seeker in Indonesia, or a pastor in Iran.
— Darren Carlson, President, Training Leaders International
Before anyone can go deeply into the scriptures, they need to know the boundaries, the roads, and the topography. But as teachers often find, there are good maps and there are mediocre maps. Palmer has given us a great map. In a concise number of pages, the reader is led through so many topics - and without bogging the text down with academic jargon or debate - and always with the focus on knowing the Bible better. Having seen Casket Empty used to educate men and women in the New Testament, I can testify to both its quality and durability. Even students who felt comfortable in the New Testament - pastors and leaders in the church for years - regularly comment how Palmer opened God’s Word afresh for them.
— Dr. Ryan Reeves, Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Jacksonville, FL