The picture of a blue crown inside a visionary cloud represents the period of EXPECTATIONS. God does not abandon His saving purposes, but builds expectations for a coming King in fulfillment of His promises to David (2 Sam. 7:12-17; Jer. 23:5-6). Israel eagerly awaits God's coming kingdom and the promised Messiah, who will bring forgiveness, restoration, and blessing to the nations (Dan. 7:13-14; Zech. 9:9; 14:9).


The picture of a blue crown represents the period of MESSIAH. God sends His beloved Son, Jesus, into the world. He is Israel's Messiah who had been promised many years earlier. Jesus proclaims the good news that God's kingdom has arrived (Dan. 2:44; Mark 1:14-15) and demonstrates the reality of the kingdom with signs, healings, and casting out demons (Isa. 35; Matt. 11; 12:28). Jesus calls people to repent, and believe in the gospel.


The picture of a fiery cloud represents the period of PENTECOST. After the death, resurrection and exaltation of the Messiah, God pours out His Spirit upon the church at Pentecost in fulfillment of His promises of old (Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2). Believers from all nations are filled with the Holy Spirit and are sanctified to walk in holiness and righteousness. Jesus extends His kingdom through the suffering and witness of the early church to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth (Ps. 2:6-8; Acts 1:8).



The picture of a scroll represents the period of TEACHING. The teaching ministry of the church continues as letters are sent to early Christian communities in an ever-expanding sphere of witness to the truth which is in Jesus (Eph. 4:21; John 14:6). Central teachings of New Testament include: Jesus is the Messiah; justification is by faith; the Holy Spirit indwells believers; Jew and Gentile are one in Christ; obedience comes through faith; believers are living sacrifices holy to the LORD; and Christ will return as Judge of the whole earth.


The picture of an open gate to the New Jerusalem represents the period of YET-TO-COME. The redemptive story that God began in the Garden of Eden ends with a city, which is inhabited by an innumerable multitude of people from every nation (Rev. 7). The glorious New Jerusalem comes down like a bride adorned for her husband (Rev. 21). Inside the gate, the water of life flows from God's throne and the tree of life is now accessible (Ezek. 47; Rev. 22). Evil is rightly condemned and the blessing of God's presence that had been lost in Eden is fully restored for all eternity (Gen. 2-3; Rev. 22).