Old Testament PowerPoint - PC

Old Testament PowerPoint - PC

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Old Testament PowerPoint

The Old Testament Basic PowerPoint is comprised of over 130 slides that cover the entire Old Testament, using the CASKET acronym. This set provides a visual aid for teaching and preaching on the Old Testament, and is designed as a companion to the CASKET Timeline. It introduces people to the acronym CASKET, including the key dates and icons for each period, and to the story line of the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi. The PowerPoint set has the same design format as the Old Testament Timeline, including animations using the CASKET icons. A shorter version of the Basic PowerPoint Set is included on the flash drive, which can be used for a two hour presentation of the Old Testament.

The Old Testament Basic PowerPoint is available for download. The files can be saved on the authorized user's computer for future use. A set of handouts is available in the download as PDF documents, which can be printed as handouts for preaching and teaching. It is necessary to have Microsoft PowerPoint software installed on the user's computer prior to using the Old Testament Basic PowerPoint.

User Agreement: CasketEmpty Old Testament PPT Presentation: Basic Set. © Copyright 2014 CasketEmpty Media.

The authorized user of this PPT Presentation is granted permission to use this material in any teaching or ministry context; minor edits of the slides are permitted for the purpose of teaching. Permission is granted to the authorized user to print hard copies of slide set for handouts. However, no copies of the PowerPoint Slides or the handouts are to be distributed electronically; nor is permission granted to post these files on the Internet. Such action constitutes a breach of copyright with CasketEmpty Media. By purchasing this product you agree to and are bound by the terms of the User Agreement.

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