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Old Testament Study Guide

This book will help you understand the redemptive story of the New Testament through the five major periods of the CASKET acronym: Creation, Abraham, Sinai, Kings, Exile, and Temple. This acronym will enable you to memorize the storyline of the Old Testament and place key events, people and biblical books in their correct time period. Dr. Kaminski takes you through each period step by step, showing that God’s redemptive story for all peoples. The acronym CASKET EMPTY serves as a reminder that Jesus is the center of God’s redemptive plan in the Bible. It is designed as a companion guide to the Old Testament CASKET Timeline. It is a beneficial resource for personal study of God's word, but if you are teaching the Old Testament using the CASKET Timeline, this book will enhance your teaching by providing you with a detailed description of each period along with additional Bible references for further reading and study.

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