CASKET Old Testament Bible Timeline Endorsements

"For those who want a fuller and deeper understanding of the riches of the Old Testament, the first task is to get the big picture and then to study the full scope of its texts in chronological, geographical, historical, cultural and literary context. Dr. Kaminski's Old Testament Timeline is a superb resource with which to begin this process, though it will also be helpful for those who have read widely in the Old Testament but who have not seriously looked at these areas of contextual background. The Timeline is visually appealing, graphically interesting, easy to follow, focused on what is most important and it is amazingly rich with respect to Old Testament history and theology. Master the contents of this excellent resource for biblical study and you will have a solid foundation upon which to build a lifetime of study in God's Word."

Dr. Gary Pratico
Professor of Old Testament
Director of the Hebrew Language Program
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Most Christians know Old Testament stories, but very few know the overarching story that it tells. This is no surprise: it is a huge story, taking place in numerous lands, with different cultures, over thousands of years. How does one get a handle on it? By using CASKET. CASKET makes the big story of the Old Testament clear. It is not only memorable in form, it is also theologically rich and very practical in nature. I have used it in the seminary classroom and in the church and the response is always the same: students walking away with an understanding of the big story of the Old Testament and a deeper love for the Lord of that story."

Dr. Jay Sklar
Associate Professor of Old Testament
Director, ThM Program
Associate Dean of Academics
Covenant Theological Seminary

"In the CasketEmpty Bibleseries, Professor Carol Kaminski appropriately reminds us that the Lord God is a personal God whose loving interaction with his people ultimately eventuates in the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ. The acronym, C-A-S-K-E-T, not only serves as a brilliant teaching-learning method, but also carefully delineates the grace that is intricately woven throughout God's redemptive history. Professor Kaminski uniquely invites readers to engage the Bible by entering and dwelling in the divine drama-where we inevitably find ourselves in light God's loving kindness. With great admiration I wholeheartedly recommend Casket: Old Testament Timelinefor anyone who longs to commune with God through the pages of the Old Testament."

Dr. S. Steve Kang
Associate Professor of Educational Ministries,
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Dr. Carol Kaminski's innovative CASKET: Old Testament Timeline is a tested and extremely valuable tool for anyone seeking to acquire a solid grasp of the Bible's storyline and key themes. Many people have reported how much it helped them fit the pieces together and gain an understanding of the whole Old Testament. I highly recommend it to students and teachers alike!"

Dr. Roy E. Ciampa,
Associate Professor of New Testament
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"In today's academic environment of Old Testament studies we notice a trend toward over-specialization which can lead to a complete loss of the 'big picture' of the Old Testament narrative. Thankfully, there are scholars like Dr. Kaminski, who has provided us with a great educational tool in the form of CASKET. Brilliantly simple, yet powerfully comprehensive, I recommend it heartily to theology students and professional people alike. In fact, it is in my bag of 'absolute must' materials whenever I travel to teach in Central and Eastern Europe!"

Dr. Andrzej Turkanik
President, Schloss Mittersill Study Centre, Austria

"The CASKET: Old Testament Timeline is a very useful and compact way to introduce students to the storyline of the Old Testament. It is a helpful resource because its presentation makes the Old Testament memorable, while at the same time it emphasizes key theological themes. The acronym CASKET looks forward and vividly reminds students that the problem of death is solved only through Jesus Christ's EMPTY tomb (casket) in the New Testament. I highly recommend this timeline for all students who desire to have the Old Testament more firmly planted in their hearts (and minds)."

Dr. Cristian Rata
Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology
Seoul, South Korea